2 Unemployment Realities for Men
It's been clearly documented men are getting hit harder than women in this recession. A recent BusinessWeek article provides two sobering statistics: 1. 71% of jobs lost were by men. 2. Male unemployment is at 9.8%. Female unemployment is at only 8%. (An almost 2% difference!) The article focuses on the realities of wives re-entering and staying in the workforce as a result of the recession and jobless recovery. What it doesn't discuss is how a man's towards job search can sometimes be part of the reason why they remain unemployed for longer periods of time. Guys, please don't shoot the messenger! In the video below, I outline the experience 4M unemployed men had during the tech bubble bust in the 90's. After you watch the video, share your thoughts below. What are you seeing in respect to this new dynamic?

Photo credit: Shutterstock

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