70% of All Millionaires Share This Trait

70% of All Millionaires Share This Trait
Last week, the response to my “When Corporate America Doesn’t Want You Anymore” post was amazing. In it, I mention 70% of all millionaires share a common trait. Do you know what it is? Can you guess? The answer is... (Drumroll please!) 70% of all millionaires own their own businesses. The fact is, no other form of creating wealth results in as many millionaires as being in business for yourself.

Ever Thought About Being Your Own Boss?

For those of you who want financial freedom and are frustrated by the discriminatory practices of corporate America, the solution could lie in business ownership. I’m not talking about starting your own business from scratch, I’m talking about buying an established business of franchise as a way to break free from working for someone else and establishing your own path to wealth. Are you a seasoned professional (50+ years old) and looking for work? Did you spend years building your career only to now find yourself without a job and feeling like corporate America doesn’t want you anymore? You aren’t alone. I speak to people every day that feel the way you do. They are talented, smart, and eager to engage in meaningful work. But, they can’t seem to land a job, or even find one that seems like the right fit for their skills and experience at this stage in their lives. If that sounds like you, then watch my seminar on the alternative to job searching in these troubling times. In this FREE webinar I explain:
  • What 70% of all millionaires share in common.
  • Why you need to stop looking for a job.
  • Why you need to start looking for a problem to solve.
  • How to invest in the one thing you can count on – yourself.
Additionally, I share how you can evaluate options that will let you take control of your future. My company, The Entrepreneur Option, specializes in helping seasoned professionals find satisfying work on their own terms in the form of business ownership. In short, I explain step-by-step how you can take the fear and guesswork out of finding a business you could run successfully. WATCH TRAINING NOW ►P.S. If for nothing else, do it for your future. Now is the time to think strategically about how you can make your remaining working years the most profitable and rewarding you’ve ever had. I guarantee this FREE seminar will get you thinking in new ways about how you can take control of your future. It will inspire you to realize there are alternatives to corporate America. Who needs them, right? WATCH TRAINING NOW ►Image Credit: Shutterstock