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4 Great Jobs In The Motoring Industry

If you like cars, perhaps you should think about how you can convert your passion into a career. It is certainly possible - it just depends on your skills and abilities. If there is something you cannot currently do, could you take a course or the correct steps to help you to achieve your goal? It’s worth thinking about if you believe that a career in the motoring industry could be the right move for you. Here are a few ideas about what you could end up doing:

1. Mobile Car Repair

One option could be looking into a van based car repair franchise. There are much more opportunities in this area now that there are more cars on the road. This growth generally means that people are more likely to sustain minor damage to their car, such as bumper and paintwork scuffs. Think about all of the hazards that exist these days such as bollards, other motorists, and even debris in the road. You could do a bit more research into this area if it interests you.

2. Mechanic

You may prefer to repair cars and other vehicles at a stationary location such as a garage. This is a highly skilled job that you will need to train for, however, a lot of this is done in a hands-on manner (such as being an apprentice). You could research colleges in your areas who offer practical courses such as those needed for a position as a mechanic. If you already have the skills, what are you waiting for?

3. Engineer

There are many forms of engineer needed for the motoring industry, even if you aren’t directly working with cars. You could be working on the motorway system, or even on something that is used within the vehicle such as airbag technology. However, there are also some highly sought after careers to be had, including working as an engineer for one of the leading teams in Formula One. You will have to be excellent in your field to even get a look in at these jobs, though.

4. Salesperson

If you fear as though you have passed the age where you would be in your prime for one of the positions listed above, you don’t need to give up on your dream entirely. There will always be positions that require a little less physical energy! Why don’t you consider something like becoming a salesperson or customer services assistant in a showroom? You would be using your knowledge to help people pick the best car for their needs, so this is still an important position in the field.  

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Have you joined our career growth club?

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