7 Things To Consider Before Coming Up With A Brand Or Product Name

7 Things To Consider Before Coming Up With A Brand Or Product Name

Facebook has announced that they changed its name to Meta. And some of you may hear about the rumor: Meta means "dead" in Hebrew. Since I do not speak Hebrew, I don't know if it is true or not, but I would not be surprised, and here is why.

Many of you know the Toyota Venza model. And the model's name was made with the combination of "Venture" and "Monza". For me, as an English-Japanese bilingual, Venza's sounds imply the Japanese word for a toilet seat. People drive toilet seats (Venza) while they are drinking coffee. Although, Venza is not available in Japan's market. I am sure Toyota is NOT planning to sell this model in Japan or, if so, they will change the name of the model.

You would be surprised there are many global companies that deal with very serious issues when they come up with brands and/or products names.

As simple as it sounds, the name of a product or brand has a lot to do with its sales. Product name is one of the most valuable assets a company can have to gain more leads and sales. If you are in turmoil because you have to name a product or brand, then here are few things you must consider before naming it.

1. Relatability And Coherence With The Business

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The name of the brand or product defines the purpose of it. It helps buyers understand the concept behind it. Therefore, always name the brand or product in a way that relates to your business. Fancy names are indeed tempting, but if it does not align with your business, you may end up confusing buyers.

2. Confirm Its Trademarking

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The product name should be checked if it's liable for trademarking or not. Amid the proximity of your launch, give a quick global trademark run. It will save you from the possible issues that could occur in the long run.

Also, don't forget to ensure the pronunciation used in the market is similar to your brand or product.

3. Consider Other Languages As Well While Naming Your Brand Or Product


Language is fascinating. Across the sea, perhaps, you can see a word used as a curse, while over here, it may mean something else. Therefore, to avoid such serious problems, try and give a quick global search to see if the name is appropriate and socially accepted or not. It will help you avoid any problems that could arise because of problematic names.

4. Keep It Catchy And Pronounceable


​This wrong narrative that difficult names are good has to go now. Customers buying a product or service don't have ample time learning those difficult names you give to create an "elite" impression. People need something they can remember and easily pronounce.

5. The Name Will Stay Forever

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Don't be quirky with your decision while naming your product or brand. Think wisely and see if the name will be worth it in the long term or not. Seeing a trend and naming your brand or product after it might make you embarrassing in the long run.

6. Seek Advice


​Some extra help is always good. Involve other people in the decision-making and seek their advice. It would be great if you contact other marketing teams and have a global perspective over the name to avoid any issues.

7. Do Not Cut Corners

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Naming your product or brand is a lengthy process. Surely, midway you will be tempted to cut the corner but trust me, it will bring more loss to you than profit. In the case you make an impulsive decision, you will have to invest again in logo printing and a long production process. So, stick to the decorum and make sure to save your time and money.

These are few of the things you must consider before naming your product. There might be other factors as well which you should look for before coming up with the decision. With the tips shared, the world will be the stage for your brand or product.

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