How to Prepare to Create a Resume
An ordinary resume might land you an interview. A great resume moves you from the “maybe” candidates to “let’s give this one a call now.” A great resume lifts your confidence, makes your job search more efficient and inspires recruiters to line up to hear more. Tomorrow I will be presenting a FREE webinar called, “How to Prepare to Write a Great Resume.” This presentation will help you discover the benefits and techniques for:
  • Compiling, analyzing and celebrating your past successes.
  • Focusing your job search—so you stand out from that pool of unsuccessful candidates pursuing “any” job.
  • Widening your job search into new sources.
  • Convincing companies that your experience and accomplishments will help the company reach its own goals.
For example, you can begin to identify your brand/value by analyzing all those tasks you find easiest to do and where you have the longest history of accomplishment. When taken together, those tasks become your personal area of expertise: a value no one else can match. If you want to hear more on this subject, be sure to join me tomorrow for my FREE webinar. If you have any questions, I can be reached at Sorry, this event already happened. But you’re in luck, we’ve embedded the recorded version below. Enjoy! Robin Schlinger is the founder of Robin’s Resumes which provides excellent services to those who value the best in resumes and career marketing documentation. Read more » articles by this approved career expert | Click here » if you’re a career expert Photo credit: Shutterstock
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Group of co-workers at a company with strong core values

Recently, a list of companies that have the happiest employees was circulated online. The companies were commended on their ability to promote a healthy work environment and sustain work-life balance. Pfizer came out on top with Kaiser Permanente coming in second, followed by Texas Instruments. Looking at these lists, one wonders how these companies are able to promote such a positive productive environment for their employees.

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