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Your job is to find the perfect candidate, with the perfect qualifications, for the perfect price - You're on the hunt for the elusive "purple squirrel."

As a recruiting pro, you know your skills and expertise are unique. Unfortunately, there are members of recruiting who give it a bad name. That ends here! Our goal is to feature the best recruiters in the industry to give them the respect and credibility they want and deserve! Don't get frustrated, get featured!

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"I’ve been working with CAREEREALISM on three different job stories over the past month, and she has been fantastic to work with. They have provided new ideas and worked with me on changes to better meet the needs of our target audience for different positions. Our HR and marketing managers have loved the job stories and they have provided a creative outside-the-box look at our company. I have especially appreciated being able to use the articles for our company LinkedIn and Facebook pages, because they describe the culture of our company rather than just a job description." - Lindsey Kepley

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