How to Pursue a Law Career

How to Pursue a Law Career

When you are looking for a prestigious career, there are definitely a lot of options for you to consider. One of the most well-known and respected careers out there is practicing law. Many people never even consider becoming a lawyer because of the difficult process that comes with it. However, if you can overcome the difficulties, you will be on your way to a very rewarding career with plenty of opportunity for advancement.


For many lawyers, the process of becoming a law professional starts in high school. You need to get good grades and develop good study habits at this point. Then, you'll need to be admitted into a four year college. Get your undergraduate degree, preferably with good grades. If you plan on becoming an intellectual lawyer, you are going to need a specific degree like something in biology, chemistry, or computer science. The next part of the process involves taking the LSAT, or the Law School Admission Test. If you pass the test, then you will be eligible to apply for law schools. At this point, you need to apply to several accredited law schools. If you get into law school, then you'll be in school for about another three years.

The Bar Exam

After you get out of law school, you're going to need to pass the bar exam. The bar exam is administered on a state level, and it's a requirement in order for you to practice law in that state. If you pass the test, then you can begin work.

Finding a Job

Many individuals who have just passed the bar exam start out by applying for jobs in large law firms. There are usually always openings for good lawyers. You may have to apply to several places before being hired.

The Dedication

Besides all of the educational requirements, you are going to need a lot of dedication and the right personality. You have to do an unbelievable amount of reading and studying. You need to enjoy learning and working hard. Looking at successful lawyer Morgan Chu gives you an example of what type of person it takes to become a great attorney. If you think you can overcome all of the trials that come with the territory, pursue your law career dream and make it happen. You'll be able to earn a great living and make a difference in peoples lives on a daily basis. Article Author: Jennifer SmithImage Credit: Shutterstock
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