The Realities of an Out-of-Work College Grad
Lots has been said about Gen Y and their high rate of unemployment. Last Friday on Career Reality we took a look at Gen Y and how their careers are being impacted by the recession. CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert, John Heckers and Journalist, Jessica Stillman shared information and insight as to the cause of Gen Y's high unemployment rate and it's impact on them now and in the future. After watching this 30-minute video, the realities of an out-of-work college graduate are clearer then ever.
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Employees work together in the office

Work is important to a lot of us. And we all have egos. The trick is to balance our own view of work and success so that the ego remains a helpful source of support and not a tyrannical master. One is the road to relative contentment, the other to continued misery. Have you struck the balance?

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