14 Realities Of Working In A Restaurant

Going out to eat can be a good time - Unless you're the one serving the food. Being in the restaurant industry can be tough. No one cares how many tables you have, how long your shift has been, how much you'll have to clean up after their messy kids, or how rude they are actually being to you. Well, we can sympathize. Here is a list of just a few of the things that people in the restaurant industry have to deal with on a daily basis. (P.S. We’re launching a new show soon called “Careers on Tap” that will have you falling out of your office chair laughing. It’s going to be based around the crazy stories that people have from their jobs. You can read more about this great new show at the bottom of this post! )

14 Realities Of Working In A Restaurant

Can you relate to these realities of working a restaurant?

1. Putting on a happy face for a group of rude customers.


2. Dealing with drunk people ALL. THE. TIME.

3. 'Side work' is the bane of your existence.

Even though your shift ends at 10pm, you're there till 11pm or later doing side work that you loath - all while getting paid something to the tune of $2.35 an hour.

4. Being short on staff during a dinner rush.


5. Having customers who send their order back for the littlest reason.


6. Dealing with rowdy, messy kids.


7. Having a really high strung manager on duty.


8. Getting an extremely complicated order with a thousand little questions/requests.

OK, it's a little exaggerated, but still, seriously?  

9. Running into other employees because everyone is always in a hurry.


10. Going to ask a table how their food is while clearly interrupting a very personal conversation.

"Tom, I'm leaving you for your best frie…" "How is your food?" ….Awkward much?  

11. Not having a consistent schedule.

Good luck trying to make plans more than a week in advance.  

12. Developing crazy awesome balancing skills.

"I'm only taking one trip!"  

13. Bad tippers are legit THE WORST!


14. Unfortunately, the customers are nearly always considered right.

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We're launching a new show called Careers On Tap. The premise of the show is that J.T., our Founder and CEO, will be discussing with her humorous co host the crazy stories that viewers submit about their career. Then, she will give her advice on what might help the situation or how to better handle it next time. On top of all of this, you can drink a nice cold beer with them through out the whole show. There will be featured beers on each weeks show. Now, this is where we need your help! We want you to tell us your craziest work stories. This whole process is completely anonymous. Your name, the names of your co-workers, boss, customers, and company will NEVER be mentioned. So, what have you got to lose! Just to give you all a sense of what our topics will be, here is the list of the next few episodes: - Retail Nightmares - Food Industry Horror Stories - Co-Workers: The Bad, The Worse, and The Down Right Obnoxious - Clash Of The Personality Types - Romancing The Office If you'd like to submit, please fill out the form below with the title of your story, what episode you think it should be featured in, and all the juicy details of your awesome story. [vfb id='25'] Thank you for submitting and Cheers to your careers!   Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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