Top 5 Reasons You Should Work In A Trade

Man working in a trade

With the sky-high prices of a college education today, the sad reality is students are graduating severely in debt. Even worse, many are unable to find good-paying jobs and are underemployed.

Well, here's some good news. You may not need to go to college to find a great career!

The Trades Are Hot! Here's Why...

People working in the trades


Just ask Mike Rowe, the host of the show"Dirty Jobs" and founder of the site mikeroweworks.org. He'll tell you: There's an absurd belief that a four-year degree is the only path to success. Moreover, his foundation is showing five reasons why careers in the trades are some of the best career paths to be focused on right now, both in terms of income and job security.

1. Trade Jobs Are More Active

Two tradesmen being active on the job


Most jobs that require a college degree have you sitting at a desk in an office all day long. Plenty of studies show a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health. Trade jobs are more active and involve you keeping busy and moving your body.

2. You Don't Need To Invest In An Expensive Education

Woman at apprenticeship to learn a trade


Most trade jobs are learned through apprenticeships or require a certification that takes far less time and money to complete than a pricey, four-year degree.

3. You Don't Need To Take Time Off From Earning Money

Woman happy with her decision to learn a trade


Going back to school full-time requires having money saved to cover your living costs. With a trade job, you're working right away and earning an income, not draining your savings.

4. There's No Shortage Of Work

Tradesman knows the best reasons to work in a trade


Currently, all the trades are losing their aging workforce of baby boomers (ages 57-75). There aren't enough middle-aged workers to replace them. The trades are desperately short on new workers. Right now, if you work in a trade and are good at what you do, there's plenty of opportunity to make money.

5. The Working Hours Can Be More Flexible

Tradesman with flexible working hours


Many trades have different shifts (work nights, or work three days on/four days off, etc.), that are more appealing than the typical office job where you work all day, 40-50 hours/week. Trade jobs can give you the flexibility you need to take a class, start your own business, or pursue a passion.

Don't Let Pride Hold You Back From A Great Job In The Trades

Man satisfied with his job in the trades


Some people just weren't meant to go to college and hold a desk job. That doesn't mean you are less qualified or professional. Trade jobs do important, much-needed work. They take skill and provide incredible value. More importantly, many trade workers will tell you they get great satisfaction from being able to see the direct results of their efforts—which their office working friends can't do as easily.

Don't let pride hold you back from pursuing a successful career in the trades. There is only one person you need to impress with your career: YOU. Choose for yourself, not for others!

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