Becoming a Shop Mechanic with NES Rentals

Becoming a Shop Mechanic with NES Rentals

Imagine a large company - with more than 80 locations - that has all the benefits of a corporation, but maintains the closeness of a family operation. It’s the best of both worlds, and NES Rentals captures this very feeling. A member of the NES team, Steve Parsons explains what he discovered when he joined the team: NES Rentals is a great place to work because of our people – from the CEO all the way down. Most everyone is working together to achieve a common goal. It’s in my opinion that this synergistic work environment is felt at the customer level where it’s the most important, hence our consistently high net promoter scores.” As Customer Support Specialist Jill Mitchell explains, “NES is always improving its company and employees, and they offer many things to assist you in many areas of your work atmosphere and with our families.” Photo Source: NES Rentals NES Rentals' Values: Having a job is nice. Having a job you can grow with is even nicer. Companies can show their support for their employees in many ways. Helping employees grow professionally is one of NES Rentals’ priorities. With the goal to promote from within and help its ambitious team members advance in their careers, NES Rentals offers tuition reimbursement toward classes or a degree in an employee’s field.   Steve explains how this support impacts employees, I really value our benefits and compensation programs, the encouragement of creative thinking which typically goes hand-in-hand with thinking “out of the box” in order to achieve an objective, and lastly our liberal paid time off program which greatly helps with the ever so delicate work/family balance.”

Open Position: Shop Mechanic (Union) in Boston, MA

A Day in the Life: Photo Source: NES Rentals Most of the mechanics at NES Rentals come mainly from diesel hydraulic or electric mechanical backgrounds. In this position, you will troubleshoot problems with aerial lifts and heavy equipment. “You need to be self-motivated to do this job. It’s largely self-driven.” - Steve Skinner In addition to the right personas, the person for this job also has:
  • Clean driving record
  • Previous mechanical experience, specifically on heavy equipment
  • High school diploma or equivalent required
Why this job? NES Rentals Mechanics say: “This [shop mechanic] job is always challenging and it never gets old!” “I am always learning new things and we get to work on new and different equipment often.” “The benefits are really good. The 401k match and 3 weeks of PTO have been great for me.”Don’t Forget These Extra Perks:
  • You receive affordable and comprehensive healthcare (medical, dental and vision)
  • You will be enrolled in a 401(k) Program that includes an employer match
  • You accrue 3 weeks paid vacation yearly, plus holidays
  • You receive AWPT training
To apply, simply complete the application here or contact Lindsey Kepley with your questions! Personas: Who Fits This Position? Someone who fits this position will be: 50% Builder: You are someone who has lots of hands-on experience that has a deep understanding of this field. You can work through challenges or roadblocks in order to complete a project or plan. As an employee, you want to get things done more efficiently and always look for ways to do so. 40% Optimizer: Making responsible, sound decisions is important to you- financially and logically. You can look at a project and assess ways to save money or time, and can execute on it. Knowing that you contributed to the success of the business as a whole is satisfying to you. 10% Visionary: You can see the end goal of a project, and help others to visualize the possibilities. Being able to see the end right from the beginning means you can create your plan of attack accordingly. Learn what your top 3 personas are here. Photo Source: NES Rentals Employee Spotlights: Described by Jill as, “very kind, enthusiastic, family oriented, and always willing to help each other,” the employees at NES are committed to one another as much as they are their customers. This is further evidenced by the comments another team member, Craig German, shared with CAREEREALISM: “NES gives you a great support team, when you have questions or problems you can find answers quickly with the tools they provide.”Wow Factor: Many companies say they’re committed to customer service. We’ve all been on the other end of that, though, and know that not everyone lives up to it. At NES Rentals, they walk the walk and talk the talk, so much so that they arrange for independently conducted surveys and research to take place regularly. This gives them insight into their customers’ real needs, and the ways they can continue to improve. It seems to be effective, based on NES Rentals being ranked among some of the highest firms in the country in customer service. They say it comes down to eliminating hassle, reliability, and customer loyalty.

Want to become a shop mechanic with the team at NES Rentals?

To apply, simply complete the application here or contact Lindsey Kepley with your questions!