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Are you sick of getting rejected by employers? Are you ready to get on the fast track to your career goals? Well, sign up for the National Career Summit, a series of presentations from November 4th-15th! The National Career Summit is a special series of FREE virtual presentations by widely-acclaimed career experts. During this two-week series, you will learn how to take control of your job search or career. Here’s what you will learn during this virtual series:

  • You can effectively handle challenging interviews and win the job.
  • You can ensure your resume lands on the top of the pile.
  • You can brand yourself and recession-proof your career.
  • You can find the hidden jobs that aren’t listed on the job boards.
  • You can land a job using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Look Who’s Presenting!

CAREEREALISM and CareerHMO founder, J.T. O’Donnell will be a featured expert in the National Career Summit event. In her presentation, “How To Find A Career That Excites You,” she will discuss topics such as:
  • Define for yourself what an "exciting" career is.
  • Understand why so many people fail to have one.
  • Discover what steps you can take to find a career that excites you.
A few other presenters joining her include:
  • Martin Yate, NY Times Bestselling author of the Knock ‘em Dead books
  • Brian Tracy, author of Unlimited Sales Success: 12 Simple Steps for Selling More Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • Viveka von Rosen, author of LinkedIn Marketing
  • Laura Labovich, CEO of The Career Strategy Group
  • Miriam Salpeter, founder of Keppie Careers
  • Robin Schlinger, a professional resume writer at RobinResumes.com
  • Mary Elizabeth Bradford, professional resume writer and author of The Career Artisan Series
Special celebrity guest: Clinton Kelly, former co-host of What NOT To Wear, and current cast member of ABC’s The Chew. To check out the full list of presenters, please click HERE >>

More Information

So, do you want to get ahead in your career or job search? Then, sign up for this jam-packed series full of awesome tips, advice, and insight! Dates: November 4th-15th Where: http://www.nationalcareersummit.com/ Cost: FREE!   SIGN UP NOW ►   *Note: This event is not hosted by CAREEREALISM.com. For any inquires about the National Career Summit, please contact them directly.   Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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