6 Simple Intentions Can Change the Way Things Turn Out

6 Simple Intentions Can Change the Way Things Turn Out
The content world has officially arrived via books, websites, blogs, video, webinars, podcasts, workshops and conferences. People are stepping up and seeking guidance, education and any resources to improve their skills, impact and effectiveness. It’s required, not negotiable. This is a very positive trend given the past few years! People are more committed to getting into motion, with whatever they need to do to brand themselves to stand out from the pack. Again, required not negotiable. Some of the most amazing content came out and developed last year from experts, professionals, small businesses and corporations. I know for sure the technologies and platforms are going to continue to change things in a very brisk and fast paced way, so better to raise your metabolism now. Again, required, not negotiable. I got very clear and tuned into how creating intentions, simply set me up for what I wanted to happen. How do we know what to do? What is our course of action? I have seen how all the planning, goal setting; putting the foundation in place is required, not negotiable for those intentions to come to fruition. I wanted to be an author, so I wrote a book based on my own career transition. I wanted to grow my brand nationally and now write for several national websites and blogs. I wanted to niche myself, so I focused in on career and small business branding and new media. What is your platform for career success? What do you ultimately want to do and be known for? How do you create the best environment and conditions for your intentions to come true? Consider how these six simple intentions can change the way things turn out.


If you don’t believe regardless of what circumstances exist NOW, that anything is possible and can happen for you than nobody else will. Look around you and see how people are succeeding and persevering in spite of their circumstances.


Every day is an opportunity to work on, at and through exactly what you are dealt with that day. Have a deliberate, purposeful plan each and every day to take action and move energy, even if it’s to rest. Rest and resume.


Build into your skill sets the ability to change directions, compromise, yield and deal with the unexpected. Let go of rigidity and habits that don’t really serve you anymore.


Stay on the top of all the trends, patterns and movement you see and hear about and do not ignore change. Be ahead of it if anything or at best on the front end of it, or you’ll be too late.


Figure out how it best works for you and stay the course. Don’t give up easily, be consistent and practice successful habits. Organization, delegation and discipline are three qualities that will serve you very well, especially today.


The pace of work, the culture of the workplace and what it takes to keep a job today are changed forever. We are working longer hours but hopefully smarter. Our technology choices and options are greater, but hopefully we can identify which ones are best for us and leave the rest. We all need to figure out what work-life balance means for us. It means something different for each of us because one size does not fit all. Whatever it is that helps you stay sane, healthy, and caring and have a sense of humor, find it and work it. Rest and resume, but don’t give in or up. When you put these six intentions into motion they will create the environment and conditions for all of your business and personal goals, plans, initiatives, projects and resolutions to unfold and come true. They have for me and I know it is ongoing. What are your intentions for this year and what are you doing to create the environment and conditions for them to come true for you? Deborah Shane is a Career Author, an insightful Business/Career Branding Strategist and Integrated Media Marketing consultant who guides and empowers people through their current professional advancement at DeborahShane.com.Green choice arrows image from Shutterstock