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Why Hosting an Employee “SportZeal” Matters to EXFO

Why Hosting an Employee “SportZeal” Matters to EXFO


PICTURED ABOVE: This photo is of the fun event, “SportZeal” EXFO had for employees. SportZeal day included sporting activities like Football, Volleyball, Cricket, 4*100 Relay Race, Lemon & Spoon Race.

KC-FeaturedImage--01For Executive HR Recruiter, Komal Choudhari of EXFO, letting candidates know their company knows how to take a break and have fun is important. Here’s why…

Why is this something you want candidates to see? We conduct variety of fun activities for the employees so that they can come together & know each other in a better way.

What type of candidate will appreciate this? Being a product based company, we mainly recruit for telecom experience candidates.

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