Stealth Job Search Tip #1

Stealth Job Search Tip #1
Lately, I’ve had several people who are currently employed but looking to leave tell me they thought my program was only for people who are out of work. I find that surprising because the program was specifically designed for people who are time-crunched and need access to career experts that work around their schedule. In other words, it was designed for the working professional! So, I’ve decided to start a series of short Stealth Job Search Tips for those of you who are in jobs you hate, but assume because of the bad economy and lack of time on your part you shouldn’t look for a new position – that’s not true! Stealth Job Search Tip #1 The single BIGGEST mistake you can make right now is to wait until the economy improves to find a job. Why? Because that’s what everyone else is doing! So, the longer you wait, the worse the competition will be when you and 60 million other employed Americans decide to all start looking for a new job at the same time. While unemployment is at an all-time high, it doesn’t mean competition is stiff for some jobs. You see, lots of companies are knowingly giving hiring preference to people who are currently employed. Does this stink for those who are out of work for a long time? Yes, it’s terrible, and not fair – but hiring isn’t fair! The reality is YOUR biggest competitive advantage is you have a job. However, how you look for a job should be done carefully. Now that you’ve learned the importance of looking for work sooner than later, please know the way you approach that job search needs to be carefully done – I call it a “Stealth Job Search” because you do not want your boss finding out. Are you interested in working with me so I can personally demonstrate how to conduct a Stealth Job Search? Do you want me to review your resume and LinkedIn profile, too? If so, I urge you to click the green button below.
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J.T. O’Donnell is the founder of and CEO of, a web-based career development company.Image from Eduard Titov/Shutterstock
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