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3 Steps to a Flawless Informational Interview

3 Steps to a Flawless Informational Interview
Last week, a CareerHMO member started a new job that she landed via an informational interview. When she shared the story about how she got the job, she said, “It was pure luck. I was talking to the person I was informational interviewing with and he suddenly realized he had a colleague who was hiring someone with my background and experience. I got the interview and was hired a week later!” My response to her was: "IT WAS NOT PURE LUCK!" When done correctly, informational interviews can be an incredible way to get access to the hidden job market. “What’s that,” you ask? It’s all those jobs that never get posted but actually exist. The coveted jobs you hear about after they’ve been filled and really wish you had a shot at getting. In my webinar tomorrow I will take you through the 3 steps to flawless informational interviews. In it, you’ll learn:
  1. How to prepare for the interview.
  2. What to say (and not say).
  3. How to get the person you are meeting with to refer you to a hiring manager.
Don’t miss your chance to learn what it really takes to get people to help you find a job. This is for anyone who has ever taken the time and energy to schedule an informational interview, only to have nothing to show for it when it was over. See you there! Sorry, this event already happened. But you’re in luck, we’ve embedded the recorded version below. Enjoy! Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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