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How Finding Good Summer Internships is Like Dating

This time of year, I start to get lots of e-mails from college students (or their parents!), asking the best way to land a summer internship. So, last week I presented a tutorial on the web TV show, Career Juice, called “4 Steps to Landing a Summer Internship.” (To watch the full recording, you need a CareerHMO membership which you can get by clicking here.)

Finding an Internship is Like Dating!

One of the key points I tried to make is how similar internship search is to dating. In fact, the video clip above is where I explain the striking similarities! The fact is, you aren’t just willing to date ANYONE. Just like you don’t want just ANY job, right? So, you need to realize the importance of focus in your summer internship search!

Your Turn

What’s your best advice for finding a mate, er’ I mean summer internship? Tell us about your best summer internship and how you got it? Finding summer internships image from Shutterstock