Hey Mr. Hiring Manager! What's the Deal?

Dear Experts, I was contacted by a company for an opportunity that's a great match for my skills and background. I proceeded through a phone screen, two 90 minute phone interviews. I was then invited into the office for a 2.5 hour face to face interview and invited back for another 4.5 hours of face to face interviews. Along each step I send appropriate thank you notes. Following the last face to face interview, I was told I'd hear back within 2 weeks. After 2 weeks had passed I contacted the hiring manager via e-mail. He replied indicating he would call me by the end of the week. Another week passed without contact. I e-mailed the hiring manager and asked for an update in the process. Another 4 days have passed - no reply. What are my next steps? Ideally, I'd like to say to the hiring manager, after 6+ weeks and over 10 hours of my time, I am due the courtesy of a reply! Here is how our CAREEREALISM-Approved Experts answered this question on Twitter:Q#361 Cd there be any concern re hiring you? If so, write note addressing it; that's made diff 4 my clients. (@juliaerickson) Q#361 Yes, ur rightfully disappointed in their 'in'-action. Nonetheless, refocus UR mind/actions onto other opportunities. (@ValueIntoWords) Q#361 Agree, poor tmnt. UR doing things rt. Question: if behave this poorly during "dating phase", how do they treat employees? (@dawnbugni) Q#361 Totally agree w u. Very inappropriate 2 not respond 2 u. Email nicely requesting courtesy of update re: position. (@DebraWheatman) Q#361 It sounds as if you are doing what you should. Cont to follow up.Things will fall into place soon! (@marysevinsky) Our Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P.) is no longer an active campaign. To find an answer to the above question, please use the "Search" box in the right-hand column of this website.