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Elevating your career takes time, patience, and a solid approach. You might feel that promotions are timing and luck. And as one of the luckiest people alive, I can tell you that I have never “lucked” into a promotion. Timing has been a factor, but timing was only a factor as in, it was time for me to be promoted because of all of the work and prep I did to get there. Related: 3 Career Development Tips That Will Get You Ahead Of The Competition I’ve found that the work and prep to get that promotion have fallen into one of three major buckets. The first is to actively manage your career. The second is that I have open ears and eyes. And finally, prove yourself both flexible and invaluable. While some view this as a trap, there is a chance when you are invaluable, bad managers will pigeonhole you into your current job. On the flip side, when you’re doing everything else, getting away from that bad manager will be pretty easy because you’ll be in demand.

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Effect Noun: change which is a result or consequence of an action or other cause. Verb: cause (something) to happen; bring about. No matter what your job role is, everybody wants to take effect; you want to stand apart from the crowd and it’s all a matter of knowing how to do so. Believe it all not, sales plays a massive part in everybody’s work role – whether you like it all not. In the past, the word ‘sales’ had some bad connotations, not anymore – it is a skill, just like any other, that has to be honed and perfected, and it can help you progress in any job role. Related: 5 Attitudes To Get You Ahead In The Workplace If you're interested in getting ahead at work, read on. Kate Ramsey, Northern Sales Director form Pareto discusses the basic sales steps to help you take effect in your job.

1. It’s All About Body Language

More often associated with a date rather than sales, body language is something we as humans read naturally, but often aren’t aware of. Have you ever wondered why you’re wary around somebody who has their arms folded tight or skeptical when somebody is rolling their eyes? It’s because your sixth sense is reading the signals from the other person; telling you that they’re closed towards your suggestion or disbelieving of what you are saying. In a past life, we used such skills to protect us from harm, however now we use these signals in social interactions, such as sales. If you can read the body language of your colleagues or a client this is going to help you build relationships, make better judgement and ultimately get what you want.

2. Ask And You Shall Receive

This is one of the best tools a sales professional possess, the power to ask the right questions. That’s right – you don’t have to know all the right answers, you just have to ask the right questions. It may sound simple but it’s no easy feat, it takes years of practice and requires exceptional control of skill number one, body language. You have to know when you are able to ask the questions, and when it’s a no go. Ultimately, if you ask your work mates, boss, or clients the right questions you will eventually have all the right answers. This skill requires subtly and a keen listening ear; listen to what people are saying and your intuition and curiosity will do the rest – ask open ended questions to learn more and gain a real understanding of the situation. Asking the right questions will make you wise, and wise people take effect within any office.

3. It’s Not What You Said, It’s The Way You Said It

A trick often missed by the untrained sales professional, and something most people don’t take in to consideration when talking. However, the way you articulate yourself, including your tone of voice can make the difference between making a friend or creating a foe. Who’d have thought it could be that dramatic? Imagine a colleague asks you a question in a soft, neutral tone and you respond (with the completely normal answer) by shouting it at them. They’re not going to appreciate this, and will probably feel you’re slightly insane. The trick here is to mirror the tone of voice of the individual you are speaking with. If they’re loud, be loud – if they’re whispering, whisper back. It will show that you are on their level, and make them pay attention to what you have to say.

4. It’s All About… Attitude

Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes, mind over matter, positive mental attitude! There are possibly a thousand clichés that you could throw in to the mix here, but they are all relative. In sales, it is always about your attitude – transfer this in to your everyday job role, whether that be sales, engineering or IT, if you act positively you will achieve the outcome you desire. This concept can often be difficult for some people to grasp, as we all have our bad days, but it’s taking that negative energy, turning it in to something positive and making the most of it. Positivity brings out the best in you and those around you, thus allowing you to take effect! This post was originally published on an earlier date.

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How do you position yourself for a promotion? Related: 4 Things To Do Before Asking For A Promotion Even in a city like mine, Las Vegas, which still boasts the nation’s highest unemployment, for the approximately 65-75% of us who are fully employed, this is as good of a time as ever to start thinking about how to climb to the next level of professional success.

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Small businesses have generated 64% of net new jobs in the past 15 years according to the SBA Office of Advocacy. Regardless of how you define “small business,” those companies make up the majority of the U.S. workforce. They also have some of the best working situations around. Small businesses offer great opportunities to learn. They don’t always have the glitz and glam of the most well-known companies, but what you don’t get in sizzle, you make up for with steak (like contributing a noticeable portion to projects, if not doing them all yourself).

Our History as a Small Business

CAREEREALISM Media is a small business. CAREEREALISM and CareerHMO are both run by the same staff. We started with just CAREEREALISM in 2009, and as late as March 2013, we had only 3 employees! We’ve grown quickly since then with the help of some contractors, but we’re still under 10 full-time staff members. At companies of this size, there’s a huge difference any time even one new employee joins the team. Ariella CoombsAriella Coombs, our Managing Editor, has been here throughout the transformation. She started as an intern and is now responsible for our blog and emails, plus a few projects she’s taken upon herself. “I love working at CAREEREALISM because our team is very close and creative. It's wonderful working for a small company because everyone has a say in what we push out to our audience. Everything we do is a team effort," Ariella said when I asked her what her favorite part about working at CAREEREALISM was. She created one of our most successful content campaigns, The Happy Grad Project. She got a hold of over 30 industry experts to write guest posts, landed a few webinar guests, created the email campaign and even wrote an ebook to tie it all together. Lindsay Robinson, our Video & Web Content Producer, is the other employee that has experienced all of our growth firsthand. "Working for a company of this size gave me the opportunity to run my own department right out of college. That's almost unheard of. It has given me the confidence to know that I can take on all these responsibilities and continue to make my department run smoothly and grow with the company," Lindsay added when I asked what she thought about the impact employees can make here. Lindsay works behind-the-scenes for all of our webinars, edits all of our video content, creates our graphics and even makes a few appearances in front of the microphone by doing voice-overs for us. Why is there so much potential working at a small company like ours? It starts with our CEO & Founder, J.T. O’Donnell. "One of the upsides to joining a growing company like us is the opportunity you have to do meaningful, impactful work from day one. If you get hired here, it's because we see you as hands-on and capable of jumping in and making a difference immediately. That is extremely rewarding and makes the work much more satisfying." J.T. says. At our small company, each employee makes a big difference. J.T. has made sure that each and every one of us has felt comfortable when we've started working here, and she checks in with everyone regularly. Her door really is always open. I walk through it enough. I should know! At CAREEREALISM Media, We all have autonomy. We all take responsibility for our results. We all work together to make each other stronger (which we’ll explore in more detail in another post). We need your help to complete our mission: get every employee into a job they love!

WANTED: Someone Who ‘Geeks Out’ on Marketing Technology (Digital Marketing Specialist)

from CAREEREALISM Does the idea of automating marketing so it’s a customer magnet and 24/7 sales machine sound like a challenge you’d love to take on? Are you savvy with marketing software programs (i.e. Infusionsoft, Aweber, Mailchimp) and love learning ways to do creative and important things with online technology? Do you understand and appreciate email marketing and the power it has to develop a following of happy customers? If so, we’d like to hear from you! CareerHMO, a top provider of online career coaching services is looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist. This person will be responsible for customizing our use of Infusionsoft – a high-end sales and marketing platform. We are looking for someone who loves technology and marketing.

Preferred Skills Include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Inbound Marketing Knowledge (experience with email marketing a plus!)
  • Previous Experience Using Online Marketing Tools
  • Really Enjoys Working with Technology

About Us

CareerHMO is a subsidiary of CAREEREALISM Media. The company is one of the most successful online career services platforms in the world. Headquartered in downtown Hampton, NH, our office is full of professionals who are fun, friendly and love changing thousands of people’s lives every day. You can learn more about us here.

Benefits Include:

  • Paid holidays, vacation and personal/sick time
  • Flextime
  • 40-hour work week (no overtime!)
  • Pay in alignment with your skill level
  • 401kPlus, we offer lots of other fun perks, but we won’t tell you about them until you come meet with us!

Apply Now – Here’s How...

If you like what you’ve read, send us A) your resume, and B) a cover letter that tells us a story about why your love marketing AND technology. If you get us at “hello” with your story, we’ll be in touch! Send to: support [at] careerhmo.com.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. It was written and approved by our editorial staff to ensure it meets CAREEREALISM Media's editorial standards. You can learn more about our writing requirements here and view our full disclosure policy here. Photo Credit: Shutterstock