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In this week's episode of Well This Happened, we discussed Rich's tough situation.

Rich left his job to take care of a sick family member. Now, 2 years later, Rich is trying to re-enter the work force. However, he's finding it difficult to explain that 2 year gap in his work history during interviews. We asked you how you would answer this question, did you guess correctly? Find out if you won here!

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The difference between most areas in life and the job search process is that, in most areas in life, you know who your competition is. You can analyze the competition's strengths, capitalize on their weaknesses, and prepare accordingly to you give yourself the best chance to win.

The job search process is different: you don't know who you are competing against.

Dozens, sometimes hundreds of applicants are competing for a single role within a company. And you never quite know how you stack up against them. So, how do give yourself the best chance to win?

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