Should I Change Username?

Dear Experts, I'm working on establishing my personal brand and want to be consistent with the user name I use for a variety of media contact sources (e-mail, Twitter, blog, LinkedIn, Google Profile, Facebook, etc.) The one I usually revert to, and through which I've used to establish several accounts over the last few years, is derived from my name but might not directly transfer. I don't believe the user name I use is necessarily unprofessional (It's no surfergirl1022 or ilovetosleep5.), but it's also not always read as a straight firstname.lastname type. How do I know if it is acceptable? Should I make a switch now before building too big of a following? Here is how the T.A.P. experts answered on Twitter:@gradversityQ#120 I would keep it consistent and not worry about it. But if you are losing sleep over it, make the change. @juliaericksonQ#120 If you have doubts abt your user name, change it to one you're very comfortable with; no worries then. @tmonhollonQ#120 Create your social media handle around the answer. Examples: @modite (blog name) @PRsarahevans (niche) @danschawbel (name) @DebraWheatmanQ#120 Establish personal brand with a professional email for easy reference. If it's confusing change it to avoid issues. @tmonhollonQ#120 First, ask this: What is your long-term purpose in social media? Getting a job? Building expertise? Starting a business? @beneubanksQ#120 If debating, I'd change early. It would be fine and long run as is. Have friends w/weird spellings, & they still are found!