Dear Experts, How should a professional with 25+ years of experience in his field structure his resume so that it is not too overpowering and create the perception of his being overpriced, yet communicate the great value that a potential employer will get if they hire him? I know about using a functional resume and I know that if a job calls for 8-10 years of experience that you should indicate that is what you have, but does mean that you leave some jobs off the list? And doesn't it cause suspicion if you don't have dates of education completed? Thanks for your guidance. Here is how our T.A.P. experts felt season pros should structure a resume:@ValueIntoWordsQ#161 Structure resume so 1st half of 1st pg screams solution to reader's problems; mini-rez w/in more expanded doc. @ValueIntoWordsQ#161 - To avoid rez reader overwhelm, zero in on relev recent exp/achievements; prior exper list as summary/no dates. @gradversityQ#161 I would try to communicate your message through your cover letter and let your tailored resume speak for itself. @keppie_careersQ#161- Hire a pro! Avoid functional, no need to list >10 yrs "Recent" experience. Include dates. TARGET! @beneubanksQ#161 Your career goal should be to be SO excellent that a resume is unnecessary. (Sorry, no exp w/this) :-) @DebraWheatmanQ#161 Create hybrid w/ key accomplishments at top. Use yrs. on res. Don't list all exp. Create Prev. hist. w/ company & title. @juliaericksonQ#161 Depends on jobs u want: sr. job=more yrs wkd w/emph on last jobs; lower job=less yrs wkg, lv off oldest+. @juliaericksonQ#161 Can lv off ed dates; b ready 2 ans Qs re dates/yrs wkg, ur value; in rez use hyperlinks+ 2 look up2date. @dawnbugniQ#161 Structure rez to sell what the employer seeks. Target. Demonstrate what pertains to job & distinguishes U. @dawnbugniQ#161 A resume is sales and marketing document, selling your talents and your skills - not a career autobiography. @jtodonnellQ#161 With that much experience, no resume will get you in. Focus on networking, not the resume. Our Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P.) is no longer an active campaign. To find an answer to the above question, please use the "Search" box in the right-hand column of this website.

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Engaged students raise their hands in class

I have had moments in my schooling that shine brightly—playing a card game in Mr. Ritter's 8th grade social studies class with the true purpose being to show just how difficult it was to survive the Holocaust as well as having an opportunity to create our own country using the same economic, social, and political characteristics that define authentic nation states. I also remember Ms. Ziemba's 9th grade English class where she would routinely pause our reading of fiction to allow us to predict what would happen next as well as my foreign language classes with Mrs. Kane—"Madame"—and Mr. Tellis where we would act out every day conversational scenarios using tone, props, and facial expressions.

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