Can I Omit My Advanced Degree on My Resume?

Right after I got my BA I was dead set on being a filmmaker-- so I went to film school and got an MFA. Once I got into the work force I realized I was not a filmmaker and changed career directions. In job interviews I've been asked why I got an MFA and reservations have been expressed. In person I'm good at facing those reservations head on and explaining how skills I learned in school would be relevant for the job. However I'm wondering if-- especially in this job market-- my resume is being passed over and I'm not being called in for interviews because the MFA degree. Would it be wise to take it off my resume so I don't seem as intimidating on paper? Or is it dishonest?Our Twitter Advice Project (T.A.P.) is no longer an active campaign. To find an answer to the above question, please use the "Search" box in the right-hand column of this website.