THIS is How To Make the Most of an Opportunity

By J.T. O'Donnell When presented with opportunities in life, do you: A) Partake in them, but are reserved for fear you might blow it and you don't want to look stupid. B) Jump in with both feet and own the moment. A lot of us want to believe we do "B," but truth be told, very few do. Yes, you might think you make the most of every opportunity, but you're wrong. I'll prove it to you... Watch this video of Chantz - a young boy with a life-threatening illness who was granted his single greatest wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In my opinion, he shows us all what it really means to "own the moment." Want to know the best part?The goal of granting wishes is to bring hope, strength and joy to the sick child and their family. And yet, it's Chantz's fearless determination to make the most of the opportunity he was given that ends up giving joy to thousands of onlookers. So, the next time a great opportunity comes your way, promise me you'll go at it with all your heart. Don't just take a chance...BE a Chantz!