How To Break Up With An Unfulfilling Job

How To Break Up With An Unfulfilling Job

It can be hard to say goodbye to a relationship that’s just not good for you. It can be even more difficult to leave a job to which you’ve grown accustomed. You’d be walking away from stable finances, a team that you may or may not have grown to love, and many opportunities to move up in the company. (Psst! Are you getting SHUT OUT of the hiring process? Watch this webinar to find out.) However, if you continue thinking about the what-ifs or looking at the benefits of your current job, despite the fact that you aren’t satisfied, you may end up resenting your choice to stay, become distant from your co-workers, or experience a growth plateau in your career (a.k.a. the dreaded career rut). But how do you break up with an unfulfilling job? If you find yourself torn about leaving a job that drains you, neglects long-term goals, or puts a strain on your personal life, here are a few ways you can get motivated to break it off for good:

1. Make a pros and cons list.

This might seem trivial, but it really helps to make a list of the best and worst parts of your job. Making a list can also help you frame a more structured conversation with your boss, should you choose to stay. This can help you identify problem areas (as well as areas that need improvement) without your emotions getting in the way. You’ll also be able to see clearly how your job might be impacting you negatively, and what you need to truly excel in your industry.

2. Educate yourself on trends and opportunities in your industry.

A great way to build motivation as you make this transition from employed to unemployed is to keep a close eye on new opportunities in your industry. You may find that seeing a plethora of different career paths for you to choose settles the internal discord and anxiety you may be feeling. When you educate yourself on industry trends and see who’s hiring, you also become more knowledgeable of the career landscape around you. You’ll also be able to breathe a little verus going into a new job search with no clue as to what opportunities await, and who may be hiring. Tip: Set a Google alert to help you keep track of trends and new jobs. Learn more here.

3. Get rid of company memories.

After making your list and taking a moment to calmly assess your situation, you may decide it’s best you part ways with your role. In doing so, you may also find that the good aspects of you job may slowly creep up on your decision, causing you to doubt your choice, feel guilty, or feel as though you can’t get any better. Once you’ve decided to break up with your unfulfilling job, you HAVE to be strong and focus on the new opportunities ahead instead of the opportunities of the past (this is CRITICAL). This doesn’t mean you slack off, shun your team, and start breaking company policies. Never ever go that route. This simply means that you put your best foot forward, continue to be the co-worker everyone can count on, take on more work to prepare your company for your absence, and start weaning yourself off of relations with co-workers.

4. Stand up to the what-ifs.

Starting a new job search is definitely scary and intimidating, but don’t let fear hold you hostage in a job that just doesn’t fit your bigger picture. It’s okay to want a change in your life, and you deserve to do what makes you happy. An easy way to combat those pesky what-if thoughts is to challenge them. For example, you may have a fear of your boss hating you for wanting to leave your job. Challenge this fear by thinking so what? Think about your performance, the value you’ve brought the company, and other positive things. Staying positive and training yourself to think this way will help you stay motivated and build confidence in yourself. Moving on from an unfulfilling job isn't easy, but we hope you are feeling a bit more motivated to take control of your career after reading this post. If not, head over to Work It Daily’s very own YouTube Channel, hit the subscribe button, and get the inspiration you need to succeed!    
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