Valuable Career Advice for Any Professional

Last week, during a discussion, I was asked if I had some good career advice for someone who wanted to quit his job. The following is some of the valuable career advice I have come across over the years I found to be true myself. This advice did not come from one person; in fact, I've even forgotten who it was from. But it was told to me... I am not sure in jest or in seriousness. But I did take this advice, which I know will serve you well. I can promise eventually you'll be measured by what you can contribute to a company. So, here's some career advice that will help you "measure up" and climb the corporate ladder.

1. Think Like A Business Owner

You want to impress your boss? The easiest way is to think like the business owner. Whenever things are not approved or does not work in a certain way in the company, there are usually good reasons for it. It’s just that you do not know them. Do not pass any judgment. Think like the business owner. If you are the business owner and the money is yours... would you do this? Would you make that decision? When you think like the business owner, your loyalty remains with the company.

2. Get Up And Get Going

Wake up in the morning and get going. There is no need to laze or delay. Sure you are human and I am not talking about the hard discipline of being a soldier and be in line when the instructions are called out. Still, you need to know what gets you out of bed in the morning when it is difficult. That’s what motivates you. What motivates you? Do you know?

3. Do The Right Things

Oh, the huge debate on doing things right and doing the right things. Don’t get into such arguments. It’s useless. What’s useful though is being able to practice them and use them to your advantage. Do the right thing when the time calls for it. Be guided by your moral compass, if you feel your ethical standards are suspect, well, put them in check. The higher you climb the more these standards will be called into action.

4. Do Things Right

Each and every system is in place so that there is a smooth flow of work. It ensures productivity, it ensures efficiency. Do it right. It means look into the details that goes in and out of the system. Someone needs to attend to the details. Because details are tedious, lazy people forgo such tasks. If you want to stand out, start doing this.

5. Stay On Track

Stay focused on what you want out of your career and do it well today. What matters is today. Not yesterday, that’s gone and no one bothers. Not tomorrow, because that’s too far away. You will be judged for the work done today. Do well on what needs to be done today and tomorrow will sort itself out. Yesterday, that’s too late to fix. Stay on track.

6. Don’t Worry About 5 Years From Now

Does it mean you do not plan? No, it doesn’t mean that. Don’t let plans that are too far away bother you. Again, what matters is doing well what matters now. Don’t get too agitated with things that aren’t working too well and you have no control over. Go with the flow. In the grander scheme of things, it probably won't even matter five years from now. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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