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Many college students are like me: always moving. Between classes, work, and campus activities, squeezing in time for an internship can be challenging. Internships look great on resumes, but many students simply cannot make very much room in their schedules to physically devote time to one. Virtual internships are a new trend for college students and recent grads. Here are five reasons why a virtual internship might be right for you:

1. You Can Work at Your Own Pace

Studying for a huge test? Planning an event for that campus club you’re in? With many virtual internships, you will have the luxury of multitasking and working at your own pace. Of course, there are always deadlines to keep in mind, but the urgency to get something done quickly might be loosened since you are not in the office. This also means that you have to be disciplined enough to complete things on time. Keeping in contact is important while you are working on projects for your internship. Always shoot an e-mail if you are unclear on a project or just to keep up-to-date on your progress. Remember, although you have a bit of freedom, you are still working for a real company with real business to take care of in a timely fashion. Designating specific work hours for yourself can help with your productivity.

2. You Can Work From Home With People Across The Country/World

Honestly, you might not have another opportunity like this. Having the option of working with a company that is halfway across the country can be a great experience. You can experience a different culture while still learning valuable professional lessons. Not being able to speak face-to-face with the company you are interning for (with the exception of phone calls and Skype) can also enhance your communications skills. You can learn to word your e-mails more professionally and in a way that gets your point across completely and clearly.

3. You Can Still Have A Job

Many students feel discouraged from participating in internships because they are unpaid. And with many students who need to work and make money, this can pose a problem. With a virtual internship, working can be as simple as spending an hour or two working on a project, making phone calls, or sending e-mails back and forth. This is a great advantage for working students. You can still gain experience without having to physically be at two jobs in one day. (Not to mention one unpaid job.)

4. It Saves Gas

In a world where gas prices are steadily on the rise and college students are still broke, saving gas might be at the very top of the priorities list. Not having to drive to another place a few times a week is one of the best parts of a virtual internship. Thanks to the power of the internet, students are able to communicate and work with a company that is three states away without ever having to step foot in the office.

5. You Can Still Receive College Credit

In certain majors, an internship is essential to graduate. A virtual internship can still get you the credit you need. Though it does not follow the traditional format, it still counts as experience. Check with your university on how exactly to go about receiving this credit if you are unsure how to go about it. If your main goal of participating in a virtual internship is to breeze through it and get the credit, it might not be for you. Remember that you will get out of it exactly what you put in. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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