Warning Signs Your Hiring Manager Disrespects You

Warning Signs Your Hiring Manager Disrespects You
Warning Signs The Hiring Manager Disrespects You - RecruitHUB

Ever feel like the hiring managers at your company don’t respect what you do? Are you finding it hard to get candidates through your process because hiring managers aren’t making hiring a priority? Do your hiring managers act like you have a “candidate tree” in the backyard you can just pick from as needed? You are not alone. Recruiters often fail to get the trust and respect they need from the hiring managers they serve. In fact, many hiring managers don’t understand or appreciate what it takes to find top talent to fill their positions.

Consider this: do your hiring managers ever do or say the following?

  1. They think rescheduling interviews is easy to do.
  2. They never get back to you with feedback about a candidate.
  3. They expect you to give them 15-20 qualified candidates for every position.
  4. When you ask them which candidates they want you to phone screen, they say “all of them.”
  5. They think finding a replacement is as easy as posting a job on the internet.
  6. They believe candidates should be grateful for the opportunity to interview with them.
We can go on, but we think you get the drift. A hiring manager that doesn’t see the hiring process as a priority is never going to give you the respect you need to do the job you’ve been hired to do. The best recruiters know that they need to be treated like a business partner. They learn how to command respect from hiring managers so they can get the attention and responsiveness necessary for recruiting top talent. They’re also brave enough to set ground rules and guidelines to ensure the communications between themselves and the hiring managers are effective and efficient. In their video, Ed and J.T. explain how you can tell if you are being disrespected and what you can do to turn things around. If you don’t have the right relationship with your hiring managers, then you can’t do your job effectively. It’s time to take control and get what you need to succeed.