What's Your 'Pick-Me' Story?

What's Your 'Pick-Me' Story?
ByCAREEREALISM-Approved Expert, Rosa E. Vargas Are you confident your resume outshines by promoting your candidacy in a style that is coherent, deliberate, and especially engaging by revealing your value-laden career story? When your prospective employer reads your resume will it convincingly tell your career adventure? Have you guided them in imagining work...for them? What story? A substantiated tale of how with enthusiasm you launched and sculpted your career, how over time you have exponentially flourished, how your contributions have been unparalleled, how painstakingly you've worked, and how you've been successively "morphing" into the invaluable producer you are today! Hmm...think you may have some rewriting to do? I guarantee you have a pick-me story. You've just discounted it by narrating the mundane and not accentuating the phenomenal. Eradicate "just-my-job" descriptions from your resume and tell your story -- but, tell it like no one else's business! Here are a few tips to help you get started:
  1. Create a targeted resume: This means you may need more than one resume version. A bit of strategic planning so you include relevant skills and jargon that zero in on your ideal position is worth the effort. Even including the actual job title you are applying for will help your resume stand out and increase its efficiency.
  2. List achievements and not job descriptions: When you develop your employment history promote results, changes, and benefits. You want to discuss how you made a difference and not just how you performed your job.
  3. Keep it simple but dynamic: Instead of trying to impress someone with the use of superfluous and unnaturally elevated language, impress them with meaning, conciseness, and a focus on measurable (quantifiable) results!
  4. Toot your own horn: If you won’t brag about your accomplishments and the difference you have made at work, who will?
Rosa Elizabeth Vargas is a job search strategist who is triple-certified as an (MRW) Master Resume Writer, (NCRW) Nationally Certified, and (ACRW) Academy Certified Resume Writer. Additional qualifications include job search coaching and social media consulting. She has been helping job hunters for over seven years as owner of Creating Prints Resume Service, leveraging an accomplished 10-year career as a Leader/Senior Manager, which included interviewing, hiring, training, and building strong and competent teams. You can find her on Twitter at @ResumeService.