What It's Like Working At Adobe

What It's Like Working At Adobe
Each week, we try to showcase amazing companies that have cool company cultures. Today’s culture showcase is Adobe, a computer software company. Genuine. Exceptional. Innovative. Involved. The commonality of these four words is that they are used to describe the company culture of Adobe. Related: Culture Showcase: Fashion, Fun, And Bagels With The CEO As most know, Adobe is the company responsible for bringing the consumer photo and video editing software to make truly exceptional works of art. What many people do not know is the amazing opportunities an employee gets working at Adobe. I caught up with Adobe’s Account Development Manager, Alex Pepicelli, and he gave us some insight on what it’s like being an employee there.

The Culture

When I asked Pepicelli about the corporate culture that Adobe promotes, this is what he had to say:
Adobe has a very unique company culture. We work hard and we play hard. We travel and we explore. We work together and we win together. We are agile and mobile. Our company culture thrives on our ability to come together as a team and strive forward to achieve a common goal. For me, Adobe is like working for one big family.
He then mentioned to me that Adobe has given him the opportunity to travel across the United States to cities including New York City, Las Vegas, and San Diego to attend various conferences and company events. Adobe knows exactly how to keep their employees happy. Happy employees and a great culture is exactly what is needed to attract that top talent to fill your open positions! Do you love YOUR company? Share what makes it awesome - Tweet us @CAREEREALISM and tell us!

Does your company have an amazing culture?

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