Personality Characteristics Necessary For Working In Drug Rehab

Personality Characteristics Necessary For Working In Drug Rehab
Not many people can have a successful career in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment because of the intense nature of this line line of work. People in recovery wrestle with individual demons on a constant basis, and those who work with them often become either too emotionally involved or too detached. Either one has its dangers, and it is difficult for those employed in drug abuse treatment programs to know where the essential lines should be drawn. Those who become too deeply embroiled in the problems facing their patients risk losing objectivity. Objectivity in others is something that is necessary for recovering addicts to have access to. On the other hand, those who become too aloof often convey a false sense of smugness and superiority to people they are supposed to be helping to overcome addiction. Nonetheless, working in the drug rehabilitation field can be immensely rewarding. Those who are successful experience a great deal of job satisfaction and often feel as if what they are doing makes a positive difference in the lives of others. Employment in drug abuse treatment programs is available at all levels as well as in many different areas. For instance, someone who strongly believes that nutrition plays a major part in healing and who has a knack for meal preparation will find a rewarding career working in the kitchen of a drug rehabilitation facility. Outdoor enthusiasts might find their calling in leading recreational programs designed to assist recovering addicts in the development of life skills and confidence. Becoming the administrator of a drug rehabilitation facility is the highest position that those who choose to work in the field can aspire to. Qualifying for this type of position requires education in medical administration as well as knowledge of drug rehabilitation programs. Other high-level jobs in the drug rehab field include chief-of-staff positions various department head jobs. The size of the facility generally determines the number as well as the quality of available positions. That doesn't mean that smaller facilities are inferior in any way, only that more opportunity exists at larger ones. A successful career in drug rehabilitation usually begins with college coursework in addiction studies. Students who are more interested in the administration aspect of the field then concentrate on education that equips them to work as facility administrators. Those who prefer to work hands-on with patients concentrate their studies primarily in the areas of counseling and psychology. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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