World's Oldest Man Offers Valuable Career Insight
By J.T. O'Donnell I saw a headline on AOL today that the world's oldest man, Walter Bruening, now lives in Montana. He's 112 and just took over the title after a 113 year-old English man passed away last Saturday. I adore the fact that he lives in a retirement home and still wears a suit every day. But, I love his advice for living a long life even more: According to AOL, his advice for living to a ripe old age? "Stay active in body and mind, don't eat too much and be good to people." Lately, I've been writing a lot of advice, both here on and for "JT & Dale Talk Jobs," on the power of being nice and giving of your 'professional self' as way to advance your career. Not only is it good for your career, it seems it's good for your overall longevity as well. So, if you didn't watch the 'Why EVERY Career Roadblock Starts With YOU' video post I did yesterday on the subject, I'd encourage you to watch it HERE. Why? Because you get what you give folks. And many job seekers right now are being unknowingly selfish - to the point that it's hurting their job search and career advancement. The question is: Are you? I say, take a page from the book of Walter. The rewards will come later.
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Weird Advice For Young Designers

I recently worked on a pro bono project for a friend, and it reminded me of a time early in my career and how lucky I was then to get such great advice from the more seasoned pros around me. Advice that ultimately saved me from some major pitfalls. I made mistakes here and there over the course of nearly 20 years of projects, but with each hiccup came a lesson. Here are some takeaways from my lessons learned and all that sage advice.

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