Recovery Kit: 10 Tips For Small Business Owners

Recovery Kit: 10 Tips For Small Business Owners

Calling all small business owners! In order for your company to thrive, particularly in today's economy, it is important that you address all of these tips for small business owners. Together, they create amazing synergy and will help you lead in your niche locally.

1. Be Memorable

Create raving fans, and an absolutely amazing and memorable customer experience.

2. Get Branded

Deploy a compelling branding program and aggressively employ "new wave marketing." Lead your niche in social media communication.

3. Get Your House In Order

Spend wisely, minimize overhead, and operate a lean machine.

4. Create Lasting Relationships

Establish mutually beneficial strategic alliances. Nurture those relationships to create lasting partnerships.

5. Get Out There

Ensure the business owner(s) is physically visible in the community and in the market. Nurture your business contact network.

6. Be Proactive

Be nimble, alert, and proactive. Find and solve customer problems. Cater to real time needs in your niche. Maintain an highly alert and open mind to new product and service opportunities.

7. Build A Great Team

Surround yourself with an all-star team. Employ only those who share your values, vision, and mission. Help your team members think and act like owners.

8. Lead With Value, Not Price

Avoid the overly-aggressive price-cutting/discounting trap.

9. Focus On The Important

Manage your time and energy wisely. At work and at home, optimize life balance synergies.

10. Set "SMART" Goals

Work within a framework of a set of SMART goals that facilitate massive action oriented around all the above tips. If you can incorporate those 10 values into your company (and hopefully your everyday work too), you'll be well on your way toward even better business. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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