6 Principles for Reaching Your Ultimate Career Potential (Part 1)

6 Principles for Reaching Your Ultimate Career Potential (Part 1)
Career advancement can be, and often is, a broad and diverse topic. Depending on one's desires and current career stage, career advancement means different things to different people. Whether you are feeling unsure of what to do next, overwhelmed from working too hard and not getting ahead fast enough or, are an outstanding success and want to get to a higher level, there are six key principles to help you. These principles are based on behaviors and basic practices that will distinguish you amongst others and also keep you in control of how to chart your own career advancement. They comprise what is known as the Bridge Model. This model provides you with key concepts to take control, and bridge the gap between where you are today and your highest potential. The first three bridge principles are as follows: 1. Build Your Base Your base is your foundation of your career growth and it should be in place as you begin charting your course. Doing things such as beginning with the end in mind, finding out what skills, exposure and experience you need to reach your ultimate potential and assessing your willingness to do what it takes are key concepts contained in this principle. Also, you should build solid relationships with your key stakeholders (people who have a say in your next career move) so that they can support your advancement. Do you know who your key stakeholders are? If not, take time to find out and then take inventory on how solid your foundational relationships are with these people. Take the necessary steps to improve and maintain these relationships. 2. Respond Responsibly This principle is about being in charge of your communication and how you are responding to other people. Are you aware of how you sound when communicating? Is it aggressive? Passive? Or, is it confident and self-assured? (Hopefully it is self assured and confident!) Ensuring you are a confident communicator and you are not reacting but instead, responding with forethought, are key concepts that help you advance your career. Individuals who advance are those who are strong communicators. They are thoughtful and articulate. They do not react and they consider the best vehicle to use when communicating. For example, they use phone or face-to-face communication when personal touches are needed. They use e-mail or text messages when less personal interactions are required. Respond responsibly. Think before speaking. Be a strong communicator and you will get ahead. 3. Influence Impeccably To influence impeccably is to have positive impact on the people you are influencing, their goals and objectives. It is to know who, what, when and how to exert your influence. If you want to stand out as someone deserving career advancement, you want to learn the art and skill of influence. Doing things such as knowing your audience well, climate setting with them to gain their support, and speaking their language are essential influencing skills. Strong influencers get ahead because they know how to motivate others and sway them in the direction that is beneficial for all. Practicing these first three of the six principles for career advancement will start you down your path of reaching your ultimate career potential. Stay tuned for the next article that will cover principle's 4, 5, & 6 of the Bridge Model on your career advancement! Read more » articles by this approved expert | Click here » if you’re a career expertPhoto credit: Shutterstock
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