Your Weekly Career Round Up

Man looks up the companies hiring and laying off employees this week

Every week, new companies announce their hiring efforts, or tell the world they will be laying off employees. Well, we've made it a bit easier to stay on top of those stories that could impact your career.

Our weekly career round up will keep you in the know about who's hiring and who's in trouble (if you're employed by one of the companies that has recently announced layoffs). Where should you apply? Should you start looking for a new job now?

For all you professionals out there, here's this week's career round up:

Who's Hiring

Woman reads about the companies hiring employees this week


1. Abbott

2. BAYADA Home Health Care

3. Sutherland

4. PwC

5. Tetra Tech

Want more info? Check out the complete list.

Who's In Trouble

Man reads about the companies laying off employees around the holidays


1. Coca-Cola

2. Actifio

3. Solstice Studios

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