Why I'm Hiring: CEO Of NH's Affinity Investment Group

Why I'm Hiring: CEO Of NH's Affinity Investment Group
Greg Gagne has been in financial planning his entire career. Unlike many of us, he found his passion early in life. Fast forward to today and he runs Affinity Investment Group. The company is based in Exeter, NH and is looking for what he calls an, "Associate Advisor" - someone with basic financial planning experience on their way to becoming a CFP or CFA. You can click here to read the formal job description - Associate Financial Advisor for Affinity Investment Group. 5 Questions = A Peek Inside Affinity Investment Group There's no better way to figure out if you'd enjoy working at a company than to learn more about it's culture. At Work It Daily, we call it "job shopping." I asked Greg the following five questions to help our readers see if Affinity Investment Group might be a good fit for their employment needs. Affinity Investment Group 1) What's your business mantra and why? What do you believe in and how does it drive how you serve your customers? We work with clients who are either retiring or have already retired and need expert guidance in how to best provide fund their lifestyle while understanding and protecting them against living too long, dying to soon or needing long term care services along the way. Our clients have saved enough to enjoy their retirement should none of the above occur, but one misstep and their financial situation could be ruined. 2) What's your leadership style - be honest! What does someone get when they work with you? I am a quick start and like to delegate. I need people who can take initiative and are self-motivated. They must enjoy a team concept and personal accountability. When a team member comes to work with my firm they get flexibility and a team who wants to see overall success as a team. 3) If you could only use 5 words to describe your employees, what would you choose? The people I work with are compassionate, ethical, practical, dedicated, and sincere. 4) What's your company WOW factor a/k/a what makes you and the team really proud of your company? Watching how clients can live a more worry-free lifestyle as a result of delegating cash flow design and investment management to our team. We are readily available for our clients and strive for the highest personal level of service currently possible. The team and their significant others out celebrating. 5) How do you have fun? What makes going to work each day worthwhile? While we are a polished company, we also have a more relaxed vibe that a smaller company can accommodate. Bare foot Friday’s in the summer….office “retreats” from time to time (i.e .indoor sky diving, limo shopping spree, etc….) Also, we want our employees to see their children's events at school ..so flexibility to attend those events is key. Like What You Read? Apply Today!NOTE:Follow these instructions exactly for consideration.
  1. Send and email (no cover letter!) introducing yourself and sharing why you are as passionate about financial planning as the team at Affinity Investment Group.
  2. Include a link to your public LinkedIn profile.
  3. Attach your resume.
  4. Email to: greg@affinityinvestmentgroup.com (No phone calls!)