What American Idol Can Teach Us About Career Advancement
I guess by writing this post, I am admitting I watch American Idol, and not only do I watch it, but I enjoy it thoroughly. The reason I do is because I enjoy seeing people do what they love to do, especially in such a supportive arena. If corporate professionals followed their dreams like these young adults and even teens are doing on Idol, I believe the world would be a much more positive place. What can American Idol teach us about career advancement? One thing it can teach us is that to be successful, it is important to know who you are and lean on your strengths in whatever you do. One of the contestants, Scotty McCreery, is a country music singer. That is who he is, his voice, his roots, everything about him. In my opinion, American Idol is focused mostly around a pop music theme, and it would be very easy for someone like Scotty to try to sing pop music, specifically some of the more popular hits on the radio right now, to try to gain popularity votes, however he refuses to do that! Every single song he sings is either country, or he sings it in a country music style. He even sang Stevie Wonder’s hit, “For Once in My Life,” with a country twist and everyone loved it. So whether or not you like American Idol, it can teach us a lot about advancing our career. Seventeen year old Scotty McCreery has shown us the following are key elements to success:
  • Know your strengths and utilize them.
  • Stay true to yourself even when there is pressure to change.
  • Be passionate in everything you do.
Being a country music fan myself, I’d like to say thanks for the great music Scotty, and thanks for the career advancement inspiration! Photo credit: Shutterstock
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