8 Things To Do Now If You Absolutely HATE Your Job

Small changes could make a big difference in your career happiness.

Be True To Your Personal & Professional Self

When and if you decide to leave your current job, people will share opinions whether or not you've asked for them. There will be plenty of chatter surrounding the decision, like...

  • "It's an amazing job, why would you quit?"
  • "What will you do now?"
  • "What kind of money and career could you possibly find in ____ (whatever you're passionate about)?"
  • "You should go into finance—I have a friend who makes a six figure income!" Or wait, my friend is a real-estate agent, I could hook you up?"

This is the time for you to build your confidence and say goodbye to those pesky insecurities.

Use & Reuse

Use your current job to learn as many transferable skills as you can for your ideal career.

For example, if you want to be in a marketing role, start taking on any projects that will give you some skills needed to be successful in that job or career. Research what those skills are via Indeed or LinkedIn!

Focus on squeezing out any and all valuable experiences that could help you move forward and become wonderful quantifiable experiences for your resume.

Have A Little Faith

Despite everyone in your social circle or family life telling you their expertise on the matter, like your field is where "the money is," listen to your gut.

Know that you can end up in a line of work you love and get paid abundantly for it. Trust your inner voice and grow your self-confidence no matter who's doubting you.

Locate Allies On All Fronts

What's your weakness? Are you physically out of shape? Do you need a career coach, because you're not sure what your career move should be? Or, are you entering a period of severe stress and anxiety?

Never be ashamed to get help! Seek out a personal trainer, hire a career coach, or speak to a professional counselor.

Overall, take a strong, ruthless look at what parts of your life are preventing your success. Then, network with those that can help you clear these barriers, whatever they may be!

Become A Goal-Setter

Start setting short and long-term goals by asking yourself:

What do you want to achieve in one week, one month, and one year?

By writing down your goals and journaling your aspirational to-dos, your vision is bound to become clearer. Make moves that work for you—invest in a planner, organize a daily routine, and schedule in time to do what's important.

Research academic or professional opportunities that can help give you the aptitude you need to transition into your new field, whether this be a degree, internship, new course, or program.

Ditch The Toxins

Start to trash unhealthy habits and toxic people, and opt for good habits like, eating healthier, spending time in solitude to focus on your dreams, and decluttering your home and life.

Pro tip: Let go of negative friends or peers and start committing yourself to more acts of kindness in your community. Harbor your inner-light.


There is an art to networking that doesn't involve just reaching out to people when you need a job, but building relationships with others that foster mutual respect, communication, and interest.

Seek out those that are in similar roles and start a conversation.

Polish Your Job Search Basics

  • Is your resume updated and in the correct format?
  • Are you familiar with a disruptive cover letter?
  • Do you know how to interview effectively?

At the bare minimum, focus on presenting your best digital self because this could be an important factor in your job search success.