Types of Art Degrees Offered for Future Arts Students

Types of Art Degrees Offered for Future Arts Students

Arts are an interesting field of study for many individuals. Countless students who love this field decide to take this as their area of concentration upon entering colleges or universities. They look for different types of art degrees their chosen college offer. Arts, however, is a broad field of study so students want to know which options are available for them. Aside from focusing on a specific study, various course degrees are also available for students who will focus on this field like the following.

Certificate Programs

Numerous students choose this among other types of art degrees offered in universities. Certificate programs allow students to concentrate on a specific art expertise. They may also take some mandatory art classes as foundation in learning about arts. After completing several units of these subjects, they will then focus in enhancing their skills that can be used for their future work. Certificate courses vary in length but will aid in improving their skills to work in studios or other art facilities.

Associate Degrees

Associate degrees in art works in different ways for the students’ benefit. Students need two years to complete these courses and study fundamental knowledge on arts. One of these degrees’ best features is students can use this course as a bridge to study a BA degree after completion. Students can take this course at a community college, which is more accessible for more individuals.

Bachelor Degrees

Universities offer this course and taken for four years. This undergraduate degree is still categorized into two types and they differ in the subjects taken during the course of study. Bachelors of art may require students to take more humanities subjects than art courses. Bachelor of fine arts would focus more on art courses instead of humanities. Students must know which of these types to choose based on their goals after graduating.

Master and Doctorate Degrees

On this program, students will get more concentration on their chosen field of study. A student who plans to take this degree must complete prerequisites such as completing their BA degrees. The number of years to complete this course also varies based on the school where they enrolled. Several schools also offer doctorate degrees. Students who take these courses would have knowledge in direction as well full concentration on their chosen field of studies. Common courses available are doctor of musical arts, doctor of fine arts, and others. Just like in taking a master’s degree, doctorate students need to fully complete their Masters programs before they can get this course. Various types of art degrees are available for students. The availability of certificate and associate degrees provide more options for students who want to be experts on their chosen field of studies. Image Credit: Shutterstock