7 Bad Beauty Habits That Make You Look Older

7 Bad Beauty Habits That Make You Look Older
Age is just a number. Irrespective of how clichéd that statement sounds, the fact is that aging depends less on your actual age and more on the environmental factors. Your lifestyle, food habits, and emotional and mental wellbeing actually determine how fast you age. Many a times we come across a person who looks quite younger than his/her actual age. Similarly, there is no dearth of people who are, let’s say, between 28-30 years, but look way older than their real age! Unhealthy beauty habits affect the youth quotient of your skin massively. Read on to find out which bad beauty habits make you look older than you really are:

1. You're Careless About Cleansing

Time and again, it has been emphasized that in order to maintain a young and flawless skin, proper cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is essential for you. Failing to adhere to this routine leads to clogged pores, which obstructs breathing of the skin. Naturally, lack of oxygen will lead to the formation of wrinkles and blemishes on your skin, not to mention severe acne break out and blackheads! Toning helps in shutting skin pores after cleansing, which firms up the skin. Moisturizing keeps the skin soft and supple. Hence, ensure that you follow this routine religiously every day.

2. You Over Exfoliate

Alright, scrubbing your skin for revitalizing is beneficial and it's great that you are aware of it. However, at times exfoliating the skin more than two or three times a week could sabotage your new and young skin cells. As a result, you would be troubled by skin darkening and experience rough and lifeless skin. Limit your scrubbing to twice a week and use mostly natural homemade scrubs like lemon and sugar scrub, dried orange peel scrub, walnut and rose water scrub, and so on. If you do not have the time to prepare scrubs at home, choose a good quality scrub from a trusted brand. Also, never forget to deep moisturize your skin after scrubbing.

3. You're A Sunbathing Addict

So, you simply adore bathing in the sun and attaining that sensuous, sun kissed look! Sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D for your body that will keep your bones healthy. However, at times people tend to overdo it, seldom realizing that excess of sun exposure could not only lead to sun tan, but sun burn, which is an inflammatory reaction. The ultra violet rays of the sun stimulate the pigment called melanin in our skin cells, which leads to skin darkening. The skin cells damaged by the UV rays, not only augments aging but can also lead to skin cancer.

4. You're Too Tired To Remove Makeup At Night

You're back from work after meeting the tight deadlines of office, dealing with your boss’s mood swings, sitting in traffic. In a nutshell, you are dog tired and just want to drop dead into your bed and sleep in! It's quite natural. However, sleeping with makeup on your face can prove to be hazardous for the skin. A moment of laziness can sabotage your skin cells and agitate aging as sleeping with clogged pores hinders the oxygen supply of the skin. Use olive or coconut oil, or a high quality makeup remover in order to clean face at night and then sleep.

5. You've Befriended The Yo-Yo Diet

These days, people are getting more and more conscious about their body image. Do you envy the slim, sultry girl in your office and the stylish clothes she wears every day? Not accepting yourself and constantly trying to fit into the common mold leads to desperation. Usually, people succumb to crash diets, commonly called the yo-yo diets, which do not include carbohydrates and healthy fats. While fruits and salads are great for your health individually, they would never get absorbed in your body without being combined with proper carbohydrates and healthy fats. They drain out all nutrients from the body and make you look old and weak.

6. You Sleep With Uncombed Hair

Not combing your hair at night and with wet, uncombed, and tangled hair is very harmful for your hair health. The roots grow weak and it eventually leads to hair fall. Even worse if you go to bed with tied hair that you did up in the morning. Proper blood circulation is necessary for healthy hair. Hair loss will make you look old and unattractive, so caress your hair with love for a young and gorgeous look.

7. You're A Nail Biter

Your nails, the skin around your nails, and cuticles tend to become unhealthy and hard due to lack of proper nutrition and moisturization. Many a times, we do not even realize that have developed the awful habit of biting nails and cuticles. It leads to even more dryness and would make your nails and hands look shabby and will add more age to your hands. Apply a good cream for hands and nails, or you can out some fresh milk cream on the area in order to avoid this problem.Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock