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We all have those days that we just don’t look best. (You know, those days you slept in and couldn’t shower before work, or those mornings after a red-eye flight.) When you’re a busy professional on the go, it can be tough to keep up a put-together look. But it’s important to always look your best – no matter what the circumstance. Here are some items you should keep in your beauty emergency kit:


This one is a given – Always keep concealer in your kit to cover up surprise pimples or dreary dark circles.


Grease happens - sometimes you can’t help it. And, if you have bangs, grease can make you look 10x more gross than usual. For a quick fix, pop in a headband to get that dirty hair off your face.

Deodorant Sponges

Don’t you just love it when you put on your blouse and it has a huge deodorant patch on it? Me either. Be sure to keep some deodorant sponges in your bag, especially if you’re traveling.

Safety Pins

Things rip, come undone, and don’t stay where they need to be. Keep a couple of mini safety pins in your bag in case a strap pops.

Makeup Remover Wipes

I know… that speech was moving – so much that it moved your mascara from your lashes to your cheeks. Not attractive unless you're at a Dashboard Confessional concert, ladies. Keep a small to-go pack of wipes in case you need to go freshen up your face.

Touch Up Makeup Kit

Turns out, your lipstick loved your wine glass more than your lips. Not only that, but your allergies flared up, so you’ve been rubbing your eyes all night. Keep a small makeup kit on hand in case you need to reapply and touch up areas.

Spare Pair Of Earrings

I can’t stand it when I forget earrings, or worse, lose one. I always have a spare pair in my bag in case of emergencies. Make sure this pair is versatile, so it can go with whatever you’re wearing. What’s in your beauty emergency kit? Tell us! Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles: Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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