3 Reasons Why You MUST Update Your Work Wardrobe

Does your work wardrobe need an update? Well, if you want to make any big career moves, you might want to consider it. Related: Office Fashion: What Do I Wear To Work In The Winter? You might love that 10-year-old blouse or those pants you can barely squeeze into, but unfortunately, those pieces aren’t doing you any favors for your career. According to Lois Joy Johnson in her book, The Wardrobe Wakeup, it’s extremely important to stay on top of style trends. “Like it or not, it’s a younger working world,” writes Johnson. “Address your ‘packaging’ or look out of touch!” It's true. According to a study, over half of the women surveyed admitted that they judge their female colleagues based on what they wear to work. Yikes. Johnson's advice? “Rethink your clothes, get over your past, and dress for now,” Johnson writes.

Why You MUST Update Your Work Wardrobe

Here are three compelling reasons to keep your work wardrobe fresh and fab:

1. It Makes You Stand Out (In A Good Way)

Yes, wearing shoulder pads to an interview will definitely make you stand out, but not in a good way (so please, dear God, don’t do it). Within three minutes of meeting your interviewer, you need to give off a positive impression. Having an updated look is a great way to boost your chances.

2. It Shows That You’re Up-To-Date

Remember, you’re competing with younger candidates for that job or promotion. You need to look relevant and ready, so you need to pay attention what’s trending. “Updated clothes and polished style wrap your skills and abilities in a modern package,” Johnson writes. “Staying current keeps you in the game.”

3. It Says A Lot About You

The way you dress for work says a lot about your self-esteem, your attitude towards life and your body, and your respect for your job, according to Johnson. That means, with the wrong clothes, you could give off the wrong vibe, which could hurt your chances at getting a job or promotion. So, make sure your clothes… Fit Correctly – A poor fit can make even models look frumpy or cheap. PLEASE make sure your clothes fit well. (Even if that means buying things in the next size up or spending the money to get things tailored.) Are Age Appropriate – Yes, it’s important to keep your look updated, however, it’s also important to dress your age. Remember, trying to look too youthful can hurt your brand just as badly as an outdated look. Are YOU! – It’s important to add a little personality to your look. Are you bold? Wear a bold print skirt with a dark top. Find out what colors, patterns, designs, and so on, speak to you and figure out how you can work them into your wardrobe appropriately. Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks - When you dress in clothes that make you look good, you feel good! You’ll feel more confident, fresh, and trendy – and everyone will notice! This post was originally published on an earlier date.

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