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Success is something we all want. We all have ideas on how to achieve, but we all have different ways to go about it. Success is not a solo achievement; we have to build relationships to help us complete our goals. Through these relationships, we acquire the skills to be successful over and over again. Related: 4 C’s To Career Success These relationships give us access to the way other people solve similar problems, reach similar goals, and move from one task to the next without missing a beat. Once you have chosen your goal and created your plan, you have to work to achieve it. The work can be easier with the "Beg, Borrow and Steal" method to success. The "Beg, Borrow, and Steal" method is about being in relationships that allow you to ask questions, share ideas, or just take proven methods that work for yourself.


Begging is that hunger for knowledge - that insatiable desire to pick the brains of top leaders in your industry. This is where you read anything by your virtual or personal mentors. People who beg are looking for ways to innovate, they are looking for ways to avoid pitfalls, and they are looking for the starting point. They are asking questions of any and everyone that has been down the same industry road. You know you’re in the beg stage when you find your start asking, “Can I ask you one more question?”


Borrowing is using that information and sharing it with someone that may be behind you on the road. Borrowing is paying it forward. By definition, if you borrow something you must give it back. The mentor process is a great place to loan and borrow great ideas towards success. You know the borrow stage when you have given someone the same worthy and useful advice that someone have given you.


Stealing is simply taking an idea and making it work for you. Ideas are just dreams until you take action on them. I’m not talking about breaking the law here; trademarks and copyrights exist for a reason. What I am saying is look for and use similarities to solutions. Stealing is not waiting for permission to succeed. Grace Murray Hopper said, “It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission." Mistakes happen, learn from them. Asking for permission empowers another person, not necessarily an authority, to stop you from getting what belongs to you based off of their fears, insecurities or lack of knowledge. Asking for information, sharing knowledge, and taking calculated risk are sure-fire ways to reach your goals. Building strong relationships with people who can assist you on your journey give you opportunities to Beg, Borrow, and Steal over and over again.

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