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Happy Boss Appreciation Day! Yes, despite the large number of bad bosses in the world, there are some really fantastic bosses out there who deserve to be recognized. If you're not sure how to tell your boss how much you appreciate him or her for all of the great work and support, we've got you covered. Here are a few ideas:

1. Get A Card

Cards are great way to show your appreciation. (They even have Boss Appreciation Day cards at the supermarket!) Pick one up on the way to work and pass it around for your co-workers to sign. Your boss will love the thought!

2. Get A Gift With Your Co-Workers

Ask your co-workers if they would be interesting in donating a couple of dollars toward a little gift for your boss. This way, everyone has a chance to contribute. Need ideas? How about a gift card to his or her favorite store or a nice new coffee mug?

3. Send An E-mail

If you don't normally see your boss or if it's just a busy day, you can send a quick note to acknowledge his or her hard work. It doesn't have to be a novel - In fact, it can be as simple as "Happy Boss Day! Thanks for everything you do." The best gift of all? Working hard, meeting deadlines, and getting the job done! Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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For years now, I have seen hustle-culture being glorified, and it frustrates me. The idea of earning respect by overworking yourself isn't healthy. It just isn't. As a small business owner, I fully understand the word hustle. I grind daily. But as human beings, we have limits, so I suggest that we must be intentional with how we hustle.

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