Business? There's an App for That

Business? There's an App for That

In a day and age when technology is at the forefront of every business-minded individual, being comfortable with the understanding and use of new technology is a must. A smartphone is a piece of technology that has drastically changed the way the business world functions today. This small device may just “seal the deal” to landing your next job and keeping it. Whether it be an iPhone or a Blackberry, smartphones are literally everywhere. They are now more portable and affordable than ever before. With capabilities such as constantly updated e-mails, business-oriented apps, and task reminders, a smartphone can make the business world fall into the palm of your hand with the click of a button. Here are some essential apps for every business-oriented individual:


One great app every business person should have on their smartphone is the LinkedIn app. This is a free app that just may change your job status from “searching” to “hired.” For those of you who may not be familiar with LinkedIn, it's simply a social networking site designed for job seekers and employers to make lasting connections. LinkedIn provides a profile showcasing an individual’s business related accomplishments and goals. Employers can find out a lot about a job candidate from this profile and decide if the individual would be a good fit for the company. Having LinkedIn at your fingertips can also help in the job search because if an employer tries to contact a candidate for an interview or meeting, that individual will immediately know of this and can reply to the employer instantly. Staying in contact with potential employers can drastically improve your chances at landing the “perfect” job.


Keeping up to date on current country and world affairs is also a must in the business world. Therefore, investing in a newspaper app may be beneficial to your app collection. Prior to smartphone news apps, the only way to get news was search it on the Internet or pickup a hard copy of the newspaper. Now news is available 24/7 on your phone! Whether your news of choice comes from The New York Times or The Wall Street journal, there’s an app for that. Knowing what is going on worldwide will give you insight in to what will be happening next not only in your job market, but also in your world.

The Square

If you are a small business owner or are looking to start a business in the future, having the Square for your smartphone will greatly alter the way you view and handle business. With this app, credit card payments can be taken anywhere your phone goes. Credit cards will be processed and accepted or denied on the spot and eliminate the need for small merchants to have storefronts. There are apps that imitate the Square, but this is by far the best known and accepted by businesses nationwide. Although everyone may not be ready to make the transition into owning a smartphone it is something that should be considered. It's a great way to connect with employers and constantly be tuned in to the job search. Being informed and current with technology can make the job search much more fun and rewarding! Image Credit: Shutterstock
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