Poll: Can Your Hairstyle Hurt Your Career?

Poll: Can Your Hairstyle Hurt Your Career?

There are thousands of different hairstyles and haircuts out there. But did you ever think that yours could be hurting your career ? According to this article in Business Insider , certain hairstyles can make you look unprofessional. This may or may not be a shocker, but long hair is one of the major offenders. Unless you manage to make it look perfect every single day, long hair can often look unkempt, especially on those days when there is no time to shower in the morning and a pony tail just won't do. Not only do you have to invest a lot of time trying to making it look good, but long hair can also be distracting. When you are constantly fussing with your hair, you can be perceived as insecure. And there is more bad news: curly hair can also be seen in a bad light. One woman said that she straightened her hair for job interviews because she thought it looked more professional. She said that she didn't want to come off as "crazy" because of her wild curls. So, for those of us who have long and/or curly hair, check out NaturallyCurly.com and TotalBeauty.com for easy (yet professional-looking) hairstyles. What do you think? Do you think long and/or curly hair make you appear unprofessional? [poll id="32"] But now let's get to the root of the problem. Here are three common hair issues and helpful tricks to try:

1. Frizz

Frizz is hands down our worst enemy, especially during sticky summer weather. When you have to look sleek and professional for an important interview or client, trying to tame frizz in the bathroom is the last thing you want to be doing. If you constantly have frizzy hair, you could be shampooing too often. Washing your hair too much can strip your hair of moisture, causing frizziness. In a rush? Just work in a small amount of lotion into your frizzy strands.

2. Cowlick

There is nothing more frustrating than waking up with an awkward-looking cowlick. If there is no time to shower, grab a clean spray bottle and fill it up with water. Spray a little on unruly areas then use a round brush and blow dry. If necessary, add a touch of mousse or hairspray to keep your unruly locks tame.

3. Grease

For those of us who have oily hair, just waking up and hitting the road without a shower can be hard to do. A quick fix for greasy hair is simply working in a little bit of dry shampoo and then brushing it out. If you don't have any around the house, try using a little baby powder. Photo Credit: Bigstock