Should You Consider a Career in Financial Planning?
This is the career as told to This site houses thousands of job listings from companies across the United States. If you have considered a career in the Finance industry, read on to learn what the job is really like from this Financial Planner. Visit JustJobs to find out how to secure your dream job today. I am a licensed Division Manager and I work in the Financial Services industry. I have been with my company for about 11 years and I have gained a wealth of experience both in the office and in the field. I help middle income families in my state get properly protected (life insurance) and become financially independent. I am also a recruiter for the company. We are always looking for enthusiastic self-starters in which to make partners and join our crusade.

A Career In Financial Planning...

There are several misunderstandings about how the client perceives what I do before an actual meeting. They think that they have to pay something or they have to invest in the company. My job is to find areas in their finances where they might be over-spending. I offer them the options to earn more, reduce spending and implement a savings plan for education and retirement. My job satisfaction rates a definite 10. Personally I feel that must increase my efforts to expose more people to our company and vision for a financially free America! I am very passionate about this because of the debt and savings crisis in the U.S. and my own personal financial struggles. When presented with the opportunity to have my own financial plan put in place, I could relate to everything that I was told and the solutions just made "good sense." During my 11 years with this company, I have had the privilege to meet and help a lot of people get on the right financial track. Once they experience the effects of what I do, they are glad to refer others to me so that they can do the same. The most unique aspect of my accomplishments and experiences is the fact my licensing did not come as easy for me as it did for most others in my office. Due to the challenges along the way, I have a better appreciation for what I have accomplished and for what I am able to do for both my clients and the people that I recruit for my team. Actually, the opportunity to work with this company on a part-time basis was presented to me three times during my life. I guess the third time was the charm. The times before I was in a different frame-of-mind and I really did not think that I could survive in this business. Besides, I was in college and focused on my studies when I was first offered. The second time, I still didn't feel a burning desire to do what was required. Looking back, and now knowing all that I could have gained by this time, I just regret not starting sooner and noticing that it's really what I wanted to do all along. In this industry I learned that not everyone will be open to financial planning and should not be forced, but encouraged. Over the years I have learned to just keeping moving to the next family and not worry about those that did not see or did not want to see a better financial future. I have learned that in the working world nothing is guaranteed; not your salary, your benefits, your retirement plan or the job itself. At some point, not even your education or experience can save you because there is always someone better. The strangest thing that ever happened to me was experienced when visiting a potential client and recruit. The lady of the house was quite charming and hospitable. Right before we ended the presentation and started the paperwork for her financial plan, she excused herself and went upstairs. We were left at her dining room table for about 30 to 45 minutes and we could hear her mumbling. We didn't want to call her down, so we quietly began to exit the home. When we got to the door, she came down the stairs and stopped us. She told us that the reason why she left us was because she had seen on the news that a lady with my name was going around scamming people with some kind of financial scheme. She thought that it may have been me and went upstairs to call her boyfriend. After speaking to him and getting more information, she surmised that it was not me. She had her plan put in place and she came to our office to check out our career opportunity. Needless to say, it was a strange evening! I get stressed on the job when people can't see beyond their situation. They are so focused on the problems that they can't see the solutions. That makes me a little crazy! What I do is not very stressful, except for the occasional difficult personality. I can balance my work-life because I can work and plan my own schedule on a daily basis. This allows me time with my own family and friends. For my pay level, a rough salary range is about $36,000-$40,000 per year. I am happy with my pay and living within my means, but not content. I have planned my next promotion to Regional Manager for this year. To a friend considering this line of work, I would tell them that they can succeed in this business with the proper training from the company and with a wealth of self-improvement. "The biggest battle we have is with our minds and our mouths." If I could write my own ticket, in five years I would like to be at the top level in the company at Regional Vice-President and running my own agency within the company, and I am only two promotions away! At this point I will have a team of people working for me and I'll be living the life! Career financial planner image from Shutterstock
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