4 Tips For Reimagining Your Career From Top CEOs

4 Tips For Reimagining Your Career From Top CEOs

Last week, I had the chance to attend a CapXTalk with four successful CEOs entitled, “Reimagining Perspectives: Identifying Gaps that Revolutionize Industries.” It was part of Boston’s Outside the Box, a massive performing arts festival designed to engage, educate and entertain the citizens of Boston. The online panel was sponsored by Capital One and featured CEOs who shared their perspectives and personal experiences with transformative concepts, including how their revolutionary attitudes enabled them to identify gaps in their industries that led to them helping their customers reimagine the way they live every day. While I enjoyed all of the Q&A, there was one question that I found especially powerful for today’s professional:

What kind of food for thought or tips do you have for people trying to reimagine themselves?
Here’s what they had to say:

Wombi Rose, CEO Of Lovepop:

It’s becoming easier and easier to do what you love. It’s not necessarily about launching a platform/business for everybody. It’s about knowing who you are and what you get excited about and figuring out how to do that. Once you’ve identified what you care about, that’s what you should throw yourself into. It’s a purpose-driven philosophy.

Dave McLaughlin, CEO of WeWork:

Even if the thing that you love failed, you wind up building knowledge and a skillset that makes you valuable to someone else.

Pat Petitti, CEO Of HourlyNerd:

You will never succeed if you don’t get really comfortable really fast with failing.

Feng Chang, CEO Of Rue La La:

Think big, but start small. Be bold with your ideas, but you don’t need the 100% solution immediately. Great advice from all the CEOs, with one theme in particular running through their comments.

To Reimagine Your Career Means Taking Action

Knowing your strengths, finding your passion, and coping with failure are all byproducts of taking action. There’s a big difference between daydreaming about a career change and actually reimagining your career - and it starts with you taking action. Nobody is going to do it for you. It’s up to you to drive your career in a new direction. Activity is the key. So I ask you: What have done today to work towards reimagining your career? And if the answer is, “nothing.” Well then, start by watching this CapXTalk! P.S. – Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post on CAREERALISM and inviting me to attend the event.
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