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Why It's Absolutely Imperative You Choose A Job You Love

Why It's Absolutely Imperative You Choose A Job You Love

Every generation since the Silent Generation, it never fails, people choose the wrong jobs and careers, and they grow old and miserable wondering where they went wrong in their life. Related:Why It’s Absolutely Necessary To Discover Your Passion One thing that’s extremely troubling as it pertains to this issue today is that, as new generations continue on, they become less and less satisfied with their jobs at a much earlier age. Millennials for example are barely five years into their careers and many of them are already “over Corporate America.” Some of them have chosen to quit their corporate gigs in exchange for entrepreneurship. If not entrepreneurship, they settle as a coffee barista letting their B.A.’s and M.B.A.s go to waste. There’s a cultural epidemic that we must deal with as a society and as individuals. We must stop pursuing jobs doing things that we hate just because the job may pay well or may have a certain level of clout. Those superficial reasons for choosing a job or a career will never allow you to maintain longevity. After five years or less, the allure of the money and prestige will have worn off. Once it does, all that’s left is bitter resentment for the degree you’ve chosen that you no longer have any interest in, as well as the job that goes along with it. Employment has evolved and this evolution has made it imperative for us as individuals to begin choosing jobs we love because the things that used to keep us loyal to our jobs like benefits, perks, and pensions no longer exist. Many people may say that finding a job doing what you love won’t pay the bills. That’s true, but perhaps your lifestyle needs to be downgraded. If you truly hate your job, you must make a decision because you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. If happiness and fulfillment on your job is truly important, then you must be willing to sacrifice a higher paying job which may not provide the same level of income. More often than not, earning less money by pursuing your passion is what happens. This is the case because people who are paid well are more often than not paid high wages because they possess a highly valuable skill or because their job requires them to take on a high level of stress. If your passion is basket weaving, you may be able to make a living selling your baskets on Etsy or at local craft fairs, but it may not yield the income or lifestyle you’re accustomed to because the skill required isn’t highly valuable and it certainly isn’t stressful. What you ultimately need to think about when it comes to choosing a job is your priorities. Many people say that happiness and fulfillment is a priority, yet they make decisions that are counter-productive to achieving happiness and fulfillment. Know who you are and who you aren’t and have the courage and wisdom to know the difference.

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