3 ‘Shark Tank’ Lessons To Heed When Seeking Your Dream Job

3 ‘Shark Tank’ Lessons To Heed When Seeking Your Dream Job

I love me some Shark Tank. Nervous entrepreneurs. Millionaire & billionaire investors. Life-changing deals… What’s not to love?

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It’s the American dream - people like you and me standing in front of five investors who have the power to make their dreams come true, or break their hearts and crush their dreams… When you think about it, it’s not all that different from applying for your dream job. There’s a lot at stake. Win, and you get what you’ve wanted for a long time. Lose, and you go back to the pain of whatever situation you’re in. You’ve got to make a great first impression. You don’t have a lot of time to do it. And you have to sell yourself and the value you can provide. (See the bottom of this article for a free resource that will help with this.)

The 3 ‘Shark Tank’ Lessons You Need To Heed…

Whether or not you love the show as much as I do, these three lessons apply to you in a big way.

1. Tell Your Story In A Powerful Way

In a competitive job market where everyone has a degree, being able to tell your story in an authentic and powerful way can really make you stand out. Stories pull people in, help them relate to you, and make a great first impression. The best Shark Tank pitches have a compelling story, and it works. The investors are attracted to the person, their story, and their mission. And you can apply the same principle to your job search. Here’s the thing: This starts right from the beginning... as soon as they first hear about you, when they check out your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and anything else you use for support. We’re all born with the ability to tell stories - it’s a uniquely human trait that you can tap into to multiply the results of your job searching efforts. So, give it a try... ask yourself, how can I frame and present my story in an engaging and persuasive way?

2. Know What You’re Worth

An honest look at how much others in similar positions get paid and what you deserve to be paid is critical when applying for your dream job. People make this mistake all the time on Shark Tank - they come in thinking their business is worth $42 Billion dollars… and they haven’t made a sale yet. On the flip side, people sometimes come in valuing themselves too low, and can wind up being taken advantage of or not taken seriously. It can be a difficult decision to make, but when you’re applying for your dream job - it’s one that’s well worth putting serious thought into.

3. Take A Holistic View of the Opportunity

It’s not just about money, is it? You want to have great perks, work with a fun team, enjoy your work, and feel like you’re growing and contributing to something worthwhile. In the Shark Tank, entrepreneurs want to work with an investor for many other reasons besides money - they want access to their connections, resources, and wisdom. And it’s the same for you. Consider if you’ll ONLY be getting a paycheck out of the job… Or will it help you move forward in your career and life so you can achieve even bigger goals? So, there are your three Shark Tank inspired job seeking lessons.... Happy job seeking!
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